August 15: The Day Everything Changes on Facebook & Instagram

Starting August 15, 2018, all real estate advertising on Facebook and Instagram will lose all of its targeting parameters for real estate advertising.

"In a surprise change, Facebook will give up one major data source that the company uses to help advertisers target relevant users on the platform." - TechCrunch

Once the change takes place, brokerages, developers, agents and marketers will be unable to run ads on Facebook using any relevant data for their real estate projects. The only targeting Facebook suggests moving forward–target people who like Zillow or Trulia–won't cut it.

Targeting disappearing from Facebook and Instagram includes: Current Renter, Current Homeowner, Likely to mover, New mover, Recent homebuyer, Recent mortgage borrower, First time homebuyer.

Targeting by income, net worth, investments, shopping and travel habits are also gone.

Facebook recommends targeting fans of Zillow or Trulia to reach real estate buyers...

Moving forward, only properties with direct access to expensive third-party data will be able to target potential renters/tenants/buyers on Facebook and Instagram.

Luckily Maiden+John is ready.

Thanks to Maiden+John's partnerships with industry leading data providers such as Acxiom, Experian, Oracle and others, all of our current clients will continue to drive awareness and leads for their projects online without interruption. In addition, Maiden+John is launching a new product to ensure social media advertising can continue in the real estate space.


Automated by Maiden+John

Automated by Maiden+John is an online portal for new development brokers and developers to reach potential leasing and sales leads across social media, display and search advertising.

Automated by Maiden+John puts the power of targeted real estate advertising in your hands by letting you pick all the parameters for your ads and providing you with real-time performance data through a live online dashboard. Automated brings back the precision of digital advertising for real estate that Facebook is taking away thanks to Maiden+John's custom modeling.


New Products for Commercial Real Estate


Maiden+John has been providing innovative marketing solutions for marquis commercial real estate projects across the country including 3 World Trade Center, One Vanderbilt and the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech.

Now, Maiden+John is launching new tools so that developers and brokerages can easily market available spaces to potential tenants, priced to fit easily within any marketing budget.



Live Reporting is Here!

Never settle for bad one-page reports again.


Every marketing campaign is unique, with custom creative and informed ad targeting - so why are all the reports from marketing agencies so static and un-insightful?

Maiden+John’s new custom reporting dashboards are the answer to your prayers - a live 24/7 online dashboard that you can check any time to see how your marketing campaigns are performing. With website, advertising, e-blast, and even call-tracking data all in one place, you can finally see how all aspects of your push for new tenants and buyers are working together. Oh, and our reporting dashboards are mobile-friendly so you can check them on your phone or tablet.

Maiden+John's reporting dashboards are password protected but can be shared securely to all of your internal stakeholders. If you are managing multiple lease-ups or sell-outs, you can see all of your projects side-by-side by simply selecting them from a dropdown list in your dashboard. With all of this data in one place, you will have new metrics to guide your marketing efforts and can track benchmarks across projects.

Don't settle for fuzzy Google Analytics screenshots anymore! Click here to find out about how to get live reporting dashboards for your project.